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Setback is a simple but still challenging beat the clock style platformer. Set in a world devoid of story there exists just one goal you must complete - finish. You will run, jump, climb and cross ropes, and scale walls to reach the end of the level. Of course that is only half the battle. Once there you must activate a switch that opens the exit, which is located all the way back at the beginning. But beware, suffering even one "Setback" along the way will result in the door closing and you being forced to do it all over again.

50 levels in total

40 which are unique to build your skills.

10 which build upon each other to really put those skills to the test.

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Published1 year ago
Tagschallenging, clock, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Platformer, race
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading! To play simply extract the zip files into a folder and run Setback.exe. Simple as that!


Setback.zip (5 MB)